Julie Van de Wille


A contemporary take on tradition and heritage for an upscale, family-rooted deli.

In the year 2020, gastronomy junkie, service-industry pundit (and friend) Lauren Biederman told me she had a dream to open a top-end Jewish deli that had all of the traditional fixings, only with extra attention to fine provisions. Less than a year later, Biederman’s was born and now calls Philadelphia’s Fishtown home. 

When I first began to flesh out the identity for Biederman’s I asked Lauren to walk me through what it would feel like to go to the shop. 

Together we landed somewhere refined but comfortable. Josefin Sans was selected to provide grounding roots for Biederman’s future to come, while the interchangble iconography is intentionally paired with the mark to provide flexibility to evolve. 


Role: Art Director/Designer
Client: Biederman’s

2022 Julie Van de Wille