Julie Van de Wille


Power-generation tech company addresses environmentalism’s largest issue. 

When Cummins developed hydrogen-fuel cell technology they were expecting a lesser-emissions alternative to lithium batteries. Unlike some of it’s competitors, Cummins refused to accept some of the devastating environmental and sociological effects of mining lithium.  What they didn’t entirely expect was to aid in the utilization of an alternative that had so little impact on the planet that its emissions could be described as “steam”. 

While this technology in and of itself is generally a huge step forward, Cummins’ utilizing this form of sustainable power-generation in public transportation, air travel and a variety of other currently-diesel-and-gas consuming vehicles is a message that really shines. When Cummins came to the Mx Group with a need for us to rebrand (and continue to develop) their sustainablity mission, I was so excited to be included in that project. 

Mission One is the way employees at Cummins will talk about the sustainbility efforts of the company. This specific goal will be marked by a specific department of engineers, techies and experts, all with the collective goal to use hydrogen fuels cells to continue to power a rehabiliting planet. 

The Mission One app was developed to keep track of the variety of case studies related to these efforts that Cummins was already beginning to collect, including a case study about powering a zero-emissions plane and a case study about using H2O fuel cells to power public transportation vehicles in parts of Europe. 

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Role: Art Director
Agency: MX Group
Client: Cummins

2022 Julie Van de Wille