Julie Van de Wille


A spring teaser for Hélas skate gear and a Hoxton-based gear shop. 

BLOW from Julie Van de Wille on Vimeo.

I used to live right around the corner from Parlor Skate Shop. I loved going there for openings, it seemed like they were always inviting artists to exhibit there. One day, I made friends with the owner and told him that I’d always wanted to film a skate video, a la “Trocadéro Days”.  

At the time, I had a lot of friends who could skateboard really well. East London was a place where knowing how to keep your balance on a board could only help you logistically. My friends and I scooted through crowded streets by day and contemplated making our very own pledge to the art of skateboarding on crowded couches by night. 

I really couldn’t believe it when he said he had been looking for artists to help advertise for the shop. Within days, we were working together and I brought in other colleagues to execute the project with me. “Blow” is an exercise in DIY skateboarding, iconic skate brands and the locals that bring those experiences to life.

The crew and I set up our equipment on a perfect street skating corner and got to work splashing boards with paint, rotating throughout the muraling process and taking our own calls on when a board was ready to be skated on. The real beauty came from wet paint hitting board, a true explosion of emotion. 

Role: Art Director

2022 Julie Van de Wille